I was lucky enough to grow up in Charleston, SC. I remember as a kid going down to the local BBQ pit on Folly Road where my Dad would play his guitar, sing his original songs and spill his guts for anyone that would listen. The room could have been empty or full, it didn’t matter.

He was in it. He was in tune. He was alive.

Maybe that was it – I’m not sure – but for as long as I can remember, I’ve only ever dreamed of playing music onstage under the lights. The dream wasn’t to be a rockstar. I wasn’t dreaming big or small or any version of the old story that just popped into your head.

I simply wanted whatever it was that Dad had found.

After graduating with a double major in Marketing and Small Business Management from The University of South Carolina, one chance audition led to years of touring and playing guitar in a rock n’ roll band. We were on a small record label playing original music in tiny towns you’ve never heard of, sprinkled with a few “OMG!” moments sharing stages with some of my musical heroes.

Dreams realized.

Then one day a marketing agency reached out in need of a copywriter. I figured I could channel the creative energy of my music career and band collaboration into writing and working with a small team of creatives to build branding packages for businesses. It wasn’t long after, that same agency needed some photography for a new website they were building and suddenly a career was born.

I’m a freelance photographer and creative director based in Charleston, SC. I enjoy shooting concerts, corporate events, family portraits, restaurant and food content, professional headshots and collaborating with large productions. I’ve helped rebrand cities, photographed music festivals, countless weddings and family portrait sessions, and taken images for some of Charleston’s renouned restaurants and chefs,. 

Freehand Media is my other job. It’s a small digital agency I started in 2008. We’re a team of content creators, website developers, videographers, drone pilots, editors, graphic designers, animators, and project managers. We’re involved in all types of digital projects creating content and platforms that supports regional businesses. We also have strategic partnerships with creative agencies which allows us to build a powerful team that can handle most any creative project or production you have in mind.

That was a lot. Sorry 🙂

But seriously, let’s work together!